The Green Mountain Martial Arts Collaborative (GMMAC) provides challenging, fun and rewarding workouts. Our martial art practices will strengthen your body and your mind. Whether you’re seeking to pick up some self defense tactics or want to pursue competition, we can accommodate all of your goals.


We foster a collaborative community that offers a wide variety of martial arts and classes to a diverse range of individuals. We believe all martial arts deserve recognition and encourage our students to try out all arts/classes they may be interested in.


GMMAC provides an environment of respect and inclusivity. Individuals from all communities are meant to feel welcome and safe. Everybody is expected to treat everyone in the gym fairly and equitably. Individuals conduct themselves with mutual respect for both instructors and students.


Our instructors are passionate about their practices. We are inspired by propagating our arts and connecting with our members. Our goal is for participants to feel fully immersed within a like minded community. Our success is reflected by your enjoyment

First Class OF Each Art IS FREE